Abigail's Story


"Is Freya your only child?" is a question I have been asked a million times, and until December last year the easy answer was 'Yes'.....

I didn't feel the need to tell them that unfortunately I had suffered five failed pregnancies since her birth.....and that we were still desperately hoping for another baby to complete our family.

Since December though, that innocent question has caused heart ache and pain like I could never explain. In December last year my son, Samuel, was stillborn and in that moment my whole life changed forever - and not a day goes by when I am not reminded of our loss.

Despite the amazing care we received from the medical professionals at the time of Sam's birth, I was not offered any professional emotional support to help me cope with my grief. In fact I have never been offered any counselling to help me deal with any of my failed pregnancies. At best I might have been given a leaflet on my way out the door with details of agencies I could contact if I felt I needed it.

I stumbled across the WPCC in a google search of local counselling services at a point when it was clear that  I was not coping. My husband and I explained our situation and we were both offered support immediately. Since my initial meeting I have attended regular counselling sessions - at no cost - where I have the opportunity to talk about Sam and my other losses, without being judged, and I can continue them for as long as I need. Through this service I have learnt to understand and cope with my grief, and develop coping strategies for when I'm dealt an unexpected curved ball. The WPCC has quite simply been a lifeline for me when I honestly felt I had nowhere else to turn. Despite the amazing support from friends and family, I would be in a very different place if it wasn't for the support I receive from my counsellor. 

I wanted to do something in Sam's memory to give me a positive focus, and if I can raise a few pennies for the charity that has picked me up and put me back together more times than I can remember, then even better.”

Jo McGrath